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23/9/2015One day after his 105th birthday, Hidekichi Miyazaki breaks his own record for “Oldest competitive sprinter” after running in the 100m at the Kyoto Masters Athletics Autumn Competition in Kyoto, Japan. The impressive centenarian finished the race in just 42.22 seconds and was presented with his third official certificate of the Guinness World Records. Mr Miyazaki is often referred to as the “Golden Bolt” because he boldly imitates Usain Bolt’s renowned lightening pose.
23/9/2011Moneyball, the biographical sports drama film based on Michael Lewis’ 2003 book is released. Brad Pitt plays the role of Bill Beane, general manager of Oakland Athletics, who instead of relying on the scout’s experience and intuition, selects baseball players based almost exclusively on their on base percentage and succeeds by helping his team win an unprecedented 20 consecutive games setting the American League record.
23/9/201049-year-old DA Eleni Raikou assigns the investigation about match-fixing to 34-year-old assistant DA Popi Ppandreou. The complaint was made by a person from the football environment and is related to influencing referees along with bets of millions from team shareholders who were betting even on the loss of their teams.
23/9/2004Christos Angourakis, with a 7.65 throw, wins the bronze medal in the F53 shot put at the Athens Paralympic Games
23/9/2003Greek 470 sailing champions Sophia Bekatorou and Emilia Tsoulfa secure the gold medal with 21 penalty points, before the completion of the World Championship in Spain since the difference in penalty points allows them not to compete in the last 11th race
23/9/2000Pyrros Dimas (85 kg) equals Naim Suleymanoglu's olympic record after winning his 3rd consecutive olympic gold with a total of 390kgs. Marc Huster takes second place overcoming George Asanidze. In athletics, Katerina Thanou wins the silver medal in 100m with 11.12 finishing second behint the Marion Jones from USA (10.75)
23/9/1999UEFA plans to create a new competition for national teams, held every 2 years, to replace friendly matches in Europe
23/9/1993The IOC decides that Sydney will host the 2000 Olympics
23/9/1992The first woman to play in a demostration NHL game, 20 year-old Maron Rheaume, scores 2 goals with Tampa Bay Lightning in their victory over St. Louis Blues (6-4)
23/9/1990The Panathinaikos - PAOK derby (3-0) is interrupted when the president of PAOK Thomas Voulinos withdraws his team protesting for the referee's decisions. PAOK are punished with a 3-point deduction
23/9/1969The water polo championship concludes and Olympiacos draws with Ethnikos at the first position. Both teams are crowned champions. It is the 17th title for Ethnikos and the 1st for Olympiacos since 1953. The next day, Olympiacos will refuse to play against Ethnikos, because of their president’s Konstantinos Bouzaki’s death, and after a draw, Olympiacos will be called to represent Greece in the European competition.
23/9/1959Apollon Athens set a record in the history of the Greek Football Cup by beating PAO New Melandia with 23-0 at the first round. 26-year-old Savvas Papazoglou also sets a record by scoring 10 goals, while the remaining goals are scored by Giannis Holevas (8), Giorgos Kamaras (2), Makis Sanioglou (2) and Vassilis Mastrakoulis.
23/9/1952Rocky Marciano marks his 43d consecutive win and becomes the first white world heavyweight champion since 1937 after beating Jersey Joe Walcott in round 13. In 1956 he became the only world champion to retire undefeated
23/9/1926The largest crowd to watch a boxing match: 120.757 spectators pack in Philadelphia's Sesquicentennial Stadium to watch the fight between Gene Tunney and Jack Dempsey
23/9/1913French aviator, Roland Garros, is the first man to fly a plane over the Mediterranean Sea from South of France to Tunis
23/9/1845Knickerbocker Base Ball Club is formed in New York by Alexander Cartwright with 40 members paying a $2 invitation fee and a $5 annual membership, but club’s members already play baseball since 1842. This is the first baseball club in history and its members formed the thirteen official rules of the game


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