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26/8/2012The 1st FIBA 3x3 World Championships conclude in Zapion, Athens, Greece. Serbia win the men’s gold medal, USA the women’s and France the mixed gold.
26/8/2011Elias Eliadis wins the gold medal after defeating Japanese Daiki Nishiyama with ippon at the final of the middleweight category (90kg) at the World Judo Championships held in Paris, France
26/8/2004The Greek women’s national team wins the silver medal after being defeated by Italy with 9-10 in the water-polo final at the Athens Olympic Games
26/8/2003Legendary tennis player Pete Sampras bids farewell to tennis courts
26/8/2001Nikos Kaklamanakis wins his third Mistral World Championship at Varkiza, Greece
26/8/1999Michael Johnson smashes Butch Reynolds' 400m world record (43.29) with 43.18. It is the second world record Johnson smashes after the 200m (19.32) in Atlanta
26/8/1999UEFA awards for best football players of the year. David Beckham (MVP, best midfielder), Oliver Kahn (best goalkeeper), Jaap Stam (best defender), Andriy Shevchenko (best striker), Alex Ferguson (best coach), Arsene Wenger (Fair Play award)
26/8/1989Greece U21 win the European Basketball Championship after defeating Yugoslavia 81-79 in Cuencha, Spain
26/8/1977Rosemarie Ackermann from East Germany becomes the first woman to jump over 2m in Berlin. German Harald Schmid beats Eddy Moses in the 400m hurdles race. It is Moses' last defeat. A streak of 122 wins will follow till June 4, 1987 when Danny Lee Harris outruns him in Madrid.
26/8/1961The official Hockey Hall of Fame opens in Toronto
26/8/1960Danish cyclist Knut Jensen dies in hospital after collapsing during the 100km race at the Rome Olympic Games. His death is ascribed to doping
26/8/1959The first Mini rolls of production line, but the name “Mini” will be given only 8 years later, in 1967. Until that moment the models will be marketed under the two BMC’s brand names; Austin and Morris. Alec Issigonis (later Sir Alexander), the Greek-British designer, designed this two-door car with dimensions of 3.04m length, 1,40m width, 1,35m height and 617 kgs, which will be produced until 2000.


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