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15/4/2013During the 2013 Boston Marathon, at 2:50 p.m. EDT, nearly three hours after the first of the 27.000 runners crossed the finish line, two explosions occur about 180m apart on Boylston Street, in approximately the last 205m of the course. The race will be halted, preventing many from finishing. Three spectators are killed and more than 200 people are injured.
15/4/1999For the first time in Greek waterpolo history two teams qualify for european finals. Olympiacos beat Fiorentina 10-3 for the European Cup semi-final, while Patra go to the ''LEN Trophy'' final after dispensing with Real Canoe 7-5 in overtime. Olympiacos will lose the trophy to Mladost and Patra to Wippest
15/4/1993Sokratis Kokkalis becomes president of Olympiacos FC
15/4/1991Magic Johnson reaches 10.000 assists smashing Oscar Robertson's record (9.887). John Stockton of the Utah Jazz will overcome him many years later
15/4/1989The worst tragedy in English football happens at Sheffield's Hillsborough before the kick-off of the FA Cup semi-final between Liverpool and Nottingham. The police allow a huge number of fans to enter the ground and the sudden surge crushes many Liverpool fans against the riot fencing, killing 96 people. The irony is that 4 days earlier UEFA had decided to restore english clubs in european football competitions
15/4/1974Yves Triantafyllos scores 3 goals in 5 minutes and Olympiacos beats AEK 4-0 at Karaiskakis Stadium. In this season the winners are going to score a total of 102 goals in the championship (allowing only 14), and thus create a record, and Yves, whose portrait was painted by Giannis Tsarouchis the year before, will score 22, but at the end of the season will return to France
15/4/1965The “Athenian Club” and the “Athens Lawn Tennis Club” found the Greek Bridge Federation
15/4/1964Britain's most talented player George Best makes his debut with N. Ireland playing against Wales (3-2) in Swansea
15/4/1958Women's greek national basketball team plays its first game. They beat Lebanon 68-32
15/4/1912Titanic sinks after hitting an iceberg in North Atlantic leading to death 1503 from 2228 people on board. Two of the passengers who get rescued, Carl Bere and Dick Williams, both popular tennis players, will accidentally face each other 2 years later, in 1914, in Road Island for the American Championship


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