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26/9/2006John Byron Nelson, Jr. the American PGA Tour golfer between 1935 and 1946 dies at the age of 94. Born in 1912, the same birth year with two other famous golfers,Ben Hogan and Sam Snead, he is mostly remembered for having won 11 consecutive tournaments and 18 total tournaments in 1945. He retired officially at the age of 34 to be a rancher, later becoming a commentator and lending his name to the EDS Byron Nelson Championship, the first PGA Tour event to be named for a professional golfer. In 1974, Byron Nelson received the Bob Jones Award, the highest honor given by the United States Golf Association in recognition of distinguished sportsmanship in golf
26/9/2004Haralambos Taiganidis wins the gold medal (1:03.98) in the S13 100m backstroke and Konstantinos Fykas the silver medal (27.54) in the S8 50m freestyle, at the Athens Paralympic Games
26/9/1998140 olympic winners from all over the world come to Tripoli, Greece to attend the celebrations for the capture of the town from the greek revolutionary forces in 1821
26/9/1992First Professional Basketball Championship organized by ESAK. The first game, Pagrati vs Panathinaikos (64-71). Dafni beat Olympiacos 105-103 in overtime. Statistic coverage is one of the most significant innovations of the new championship
26/9/1988Canadian sprinter Ben Johnson, who won Olympic 100m in record time 9.79, is stripped of his gold medal after failing to pass the drug test. Carl Lewis is proclaimed olympic winner with 9.92
26/9/1982Sofia Sakorafa breaks the world record in javelin throw (72.40 of Tina Lillak from Finland) with 74.20 in Chania. Sakorafa will keep the record for almost 9 months, when Lillak will “take it back” on the 16/6/83 in Tampere with 74.76
26/9/1977The final championship game is interrupted because of riots while Olympiacos is winning Ethnikos 1-0. Spyros Kapralos, later president of the Athens Stock Exchange, and M. Sitarenios of Olympiacos and Gounas of Ethnikos are expelled and the game will be awarded to Ethnikos who will be the next water polo champion for the 25th time in the club’s history
26/9/1967IOC establishes a medical committee in Mon-Repos, Lausanne. The IOC is the first athletic organization to set up such a committee
26/9/1956Manchester United defeats Anderlecht 10-0 for the European Preliminary Round, which is both a home win record and a European cup victory record
26/9/1905Newbury Ippodrome is built after John Porter's long term appeal to King Edward VII. The races keep through the war, until the Americans' decision in 1941 to turn the stables into war prisoners camp
26/9/1874First US rifle tournament held, in Creedmoor, New York


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