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22/8/2013Greek Sport journalist Ilias Bazinas dies from cancer aged 73. He was born in Athens, studied law and was an amateur athlete of weight lifting, boxing and throwing. He became known through his column in the sports newspaper "O Filathlos".
22/8/2010Croat football striker and manager Stjepan Bobek dies at the age of 86. He was the all-time top scorer for the Yugoslavia national team (38 goals in 63 appearances between 1946 and 1956). He was the manager of Panathinaikos and Partizan in the ‘60s and of Olympiacos and Dinamo Zagreb in the 70’s.
22/8/2008Jamaica wins the gold medal at the 4x100 metres relay with a world record of 37.10 seconds and Usain Bolt becomes the first man to win all three events (along with 100m and 200m) at a single Olympics since Carl Lewis in 1984, and the first man in history to set world records in all three (along with 9.69 at 100m on 16/8 and 19.30 at 200m on 20/8) at a single Olympics.
22/8/2004Dimisthenis Tambakos wins the gold medal with 9.862 points in the rings copetition at the Athens Olympic Games
22/8/1999Katerina Thanou wins the bronze medal in 100m (10.84) at the Sevilla World Championships. Marion Jones wins the race (10.70) overcoming Inger Miller (10.79)
22/8/1972The IOC ban Rodesia from the Munich Olympics refusing to accept the state's independence from Britain. Rodesia was under commercial embargo for political reasons
22/8/1971Kerry Kleid becomes the first female professional motorcycle driver
22/8/1964Premiere of BBC's ''Match of the Day''
22/8/1950Althea Gibson becomes the first black tennis player to be accepted into a US competition
22/8/1909First Rheims International Air Race in France
22/8/1851The yacht “America” finishes first, winning 14 british boats in a 58-mile race around the Isle of Wight, giving its name to the race, known as “America’s Cup”.


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