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30/5/2021AEK Athens win their first ever European trophy in handball, and Greece’s second in the men’s game, beating Swedish club Ystads 24-20 (30-26 first leg). Both home-and-away finals were played at Halkida, Greece. AEK was coached to the cup triumph by Dimitris Dimitroulias, who had also earned Greece’s first European trophy with Diomidis Argous nine years ago
30/5/2016Olympiacos win the 12th Greek Basketball League title in the team’s history after beating Panathinaikos 82-81 at a match that was decided in the last 2 seconds of the second overtime period at the Olympic Athletic Center of Athens. 16.5 years after its debut (25/09/1999) Dimitris Diamantidis leaves professional basketball after 525 games, ranked second in the relevant list of professional Championship, having won the championship title 9 times.
30/5/2012The film "Les rebelles du foot" premieres on TV, lasting 92 minutes, in which Eric Cantona presents 5 football rebelles: Ivorian Didier Drogba, Chilean Carlos Caszely, the Algerian Rachid Mekhloufi, Bosnian Predrag Pasic and Brazilian Scocrates, as players who resisted their countries’ governments risking their careers and their lives to defend the democratic rights of their fellow citizens. The TV film ends with the protagonists lifting their collars to resemble Cantona’s playing style.
30/5/201129-year-old Korean footballer Jeong Jong-Gwan commits suicide in a hotel in Seoul, a few hours after a warrant was issued for his arrest for participating in a scandal related to fixed matches. He had left a note saying “I feel ashamed to be a part of the match rigging”.
30/5/1999The European Rhythmic Gymnastics Championship closes in Budapest. Greece (featuring Aindili, Christodoulou, Karyami, Polatou, Georgatou) won the gold medal with 39.799 points
30/5/1999The European Athletic Clubs Championships close with Panellinios' promotion to the Super League
30/5/1999Vassilis Polymeros and Panagiotis Miliotis take first place at the World Rowing Championship in Belgium
30/5/1999Led by coach Dusan Bajevic, Olympiacos win their third consecutive Greek league title. Ethnikos become the sole team in Greek first division history no to win a single game
30/5/1998Katerina Thanou runs the 100m in less than 11'' (10.99'') at the Vardinogiannia meeting
30/5/1996AEK midfielder Vassilis Tsartas signs with Sevilla FC
30/5/1990Maria Hristoforidou wins 3 gold medals at the World Weightlifting Championships in Sarajevo
30/5/1986Stavros Daifas, who from 1979 until 1985 presided Olympiacos (16th president in the history of the club), buys shares of 40 million drachmas raising the 55% he already holds and drives the administration of Nikos Efthimiou to resignation. Efthimiou has succeeded Daifas since December 1985 and the later undertakes the presidency for almost a year to be succeeded by Giorgos Koskotas
30/5/1965The 14th Eurobasket starts in Moscow. It is the first tournament held in two cities, Tbilisi and Moscow
30/5/1960The General Assembly of the “Alliance Internationale de Tourisme”, organized by ELPA (Automobile and Touring Club of Greece), takes place with an opening ceremony at the Irodou Attikou Theatre, with the presence of minister Konstantinos Tsatsos and Panagis Giannoulatos, president (1965-61) of ELPA. ELPA is recognized for its contribution to the promotion of “agricultural” Greece via tourist guides, since 1931, and domestic and international races, like Acropolis Rally, but also via the start of the Monte Carlo Rally in Athens.
30/5/1930Stanislawa Walasiewicz, known also as Stella Walsh, is the first woman to break the 11 seconds barrier for 100 yards. On 2 August 1932 she will win the gold medal in the LA Olympic Games' 100m race and later on 4/12/1980 she will be proved to be a man
30/5/1897First athletics championships organized by Panellinios. The games (held for 2 days in Fokianos Gymnasium) include track-and-field events, wrestling, fencing and weightlifting
30/5/1788Marylebone Cricket Club, formed by leading noblemen playing the game just one year before, produce the first Code of Laws of Cricket. Cricket started as a game played by children and the earliest existing known Code was drawn up in London in 1744. Although the first game was played in 1719, a basic form of cricket can be traced back to the 13th century


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