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4/12/2017Sport journalist Kostas Motsis dies at the age of 67. His name was linked with the foundation of ERA Sport, the first Greek sports radio station. We worked in ERT for more than three decades and served as a director to ERA Sport. He presented the "Microphone on the Fields" show every Sunday.
4/12/201157-year-old Brazilian Socrates, one of the top footballers in history, dies out of septic shock after being hospitalized in intensive care since August 2011. He capped 60 times for Brazil (1978-1986), scored 22 goals and was the captain in the 1982 World Cup. He had six children and he was a doctor of medicine, a rare achievement for a professional footballer. His childhood heroes Fidel Castro, Che Guevara and John Lennon led him to oppose the military government wearing shirts with “Democracia” during games and co-founding the Corinthians Democracy movement.
4/12/1998Nikos Machlas becomes the first non-Dutch top scorer in Holland with 31 goals smashing Ove Kindval's record (1968-69)
4/12/1996The Orlando Magic equal NBA's lowest scoring record when they lose to the Cleveland Cavaliers by 84-57
4/12/1991Pan American World Airways, known as “Pan Am” collapses after facing financial problems, mostly because of the “Lockerbie” accident on 21/12/1988, in the worst terrorist attack of its history until 11/9/2001 in New York
4/12/198069-year-old Stanislawa / Stefania Walasiewicz is killed in an armed robbery in Cleveland, Ohio. The autopsy will show that she possessed male genitalia but her birth record stated that she was female. Under the name of Stella Walsh, she won the gold medal at the 100m women’s race at the Los Angeles Olympic Games (2/8/1932).
4/12/1964Baseball approves a free-agent draft, the system of selecting college and high school players by the major league teams
4/12/1947The Soviet Union becomes member of the International Amateur Union and therefore is entitled to post candidacy for the 1948 Olympics
4/12/1943Baseball commissar Kenesaw Mountain Landis announces that the teams are free to use coloured players, a right that no team will take advantage of till 1947


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