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8/12/2013Kostas Mourouzis is awarded by the Association of Veteran Basketballers for his contribution to basketball, during a friendly match between Panathinaikos Veterans, with Dimitris Diamantidis , Francis Albert and Kostas Tsartsaris and coach Apostolos Kontos and Veterans Association Greece. Prefect of Attica Yiannis Sgouros and George Kalafatakis play for the Veterans’ Association and Vangelis Nikitopoulos is their coach. Peter Poulidis, wearing a suit, will succeed in two 3-pointers, one from the bench. Referees of the match are Zavlanos, Papadimitriou, Kafes, Koromilas and Sideris, while next to the "fox of the bench" there are Tasos Stefanou, Andrew Chaikalis, Andreas Papantoniou, Michalis Kiritsis, the Andritsos Liveris, etc .
8/12/1996Brazil beat Spain 6-4 in the final game of the Calcetto World Championship in Barcelona
8/12/1993Lothar Matthaeus becomes the first ''Football Player of the Year''
8/12/1992Dominique Wilkins of the Atlanta Hawks sets new free throws NBA record after scoring 23/23 against the Chicago Bulls
8/12/1987Journalist Leda Ventoura is killed in a car accident at the “Malliakos Horseshoe”
8/12/1987The whole team of Alianza Lima die when the plane which carries the team back home after the away match with Deportivo Pucallpa, where Alianza won by 1-0 (Carlos Bustamante), falls into the sea, 6 miles away from the “Jorge Chavez” International Airport of Lima
8/12/1956The 16th Olympic Games close in Melbourne. 2.813 men and 371 women from 67 countries took part in 17 events. Spain, Switzerland, Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon and China chose to abstain for political reasons. Germany participated as one country. Harald Connolly, born with an atrophic arm, won the gold medal in hammer with 63.19m
8/12/1951Costas Kotzias, Mayor of Athens dies from heart attack at the age of 59. In his youth he was an athlete in track and field and later he became president of the football federation and Panathinaikos
8/12/1949Marion Ladewig is the first female bowling world champion after winning the All-Star tournament in Chicago
8/12/1940Chicago Bears set NFL record after beating Washington Redskins 73-0
8/12/1863Football Association (FA), established one and a half month earlier (26/10/1863), present the 14 Laws of the Football Game. Especially rules 9 and 10 clarify that “no player shall run with the ball” and “neither tripping nor hacking shall be allowed…”. These two laws distinguish football from rugby and all 14 laws replace the Cambridge Rules, set up by Mr. H. de Winton and Mr. J.C. Thring in 1848. In 1895, A. Vlastos will translate in greek, part of the regulations, which will be completed in 1989 by I. Chryssafis


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