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29/1/2012Olympiacos’ distance freestyle swimmer Spyros Gianniotis wins the gold medal in the 10km Open Sea competition at the 2012 FINA Cup held in Santos, Brazil
29/1/2007Stavros Kalafatis is honoured by HANTH for his contribution to greek handball and the club, with which he had 156 official participations in the men’s category, scoring 784 goals (85/125 penalties)
29/1/2000A crowd of 21.000 watch Mike Tyson knock down British heavyweight champion Julius Francis 5 times in less than 4 minutes at Manchester Arena
29/1/2000Marina Varsamidou smashes Christina Panagou's 13 year old 400m indoors record with 53.54
29/1/1997First All-Star football match between Europe and Africa (1-2)
29/1/1996Magic Johnson's come back to basketball action. He scores 19 points (10 assists and 8 rebounds) for Lakers in his first game in 3 years
29/1/1994Ulrike Mayer is killed during the Alpic Skiing World Cup
29/1/1964The 9th Winter Olympics open in Innsbruck, Austria. Due to lack of snow the Austrians are forced to carry 25.000 tons from the Alps. 896 men and 200 women from 36 countries take part. For the first time in Winter Olympics history the olympic flame is carried by relay to the host city. Two tragic accidents resulting in the death of Austrian Ross Milne and American/Polish Kay Skrypecki overshadow the games
29/1/188642-year old Karl Benz is granted a german patent for the Motorwagen, his invention, recognized today as the first automobile. Had he waited a little bit longer, he would have to share this distinction with 52-year old Gottlieb Daimler, whom he will never meet in his life although they lived 100 kilometers apart. Their companies will merge 26 years after the death of Daimler (6/3/1900) under the name Daimler-Benz, and later Mercedes-Benz
29/1/1870Newspaper “Alithia” (truth) publishes that 1869 is the year of the introduction of bicycle in Greece. The two persons that brought cycling in Greece are King George A’ and Pavlos Damalas


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