Nationality:USA  USA
Date of Birth:3/12/1937
Bobby Allison was born on December 3, 1937 in Miami, Florida. He is married to Judy Allison and lives in Alabama. He had four children but two of them have sadly passed away. The ones still with us are Carrie and Bonnie while the other two namesí are, Davey and Clifford. He was the Winston Cup Series Champion in 1983. He is on of NASCARís 50 Greatest Drivers with 85 wins although only 84 are credited. He won the NASCAR Most Popular Driver Award six times, the Daytona 500 three times and the Daytona 500 another three times as a runner up. He is also a five time Winston Cup Series Runner-Up, a two time Olsonite Driver of the Year, an IROC Series Champion. In addition to the above, he has received a NASCAR Award of Excellence, has acquired 600 Short Track Victories, is an International, National and Eastern Motorsports Hall of Fame Inductee and the only Ford winner. His financial status is analogous to his achievements.
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